About Us

Horoscope Starting Point

The Beginning

Established June 16,2019 Horoscope lounge idea was already on the early stage 2016 founded by Mr.Amir Elsayed and his partner Sandra gamal, it took them 3 years of planning, preparation and establishing the capital needed.


With Thousands of Restaurants, cafe's and lounges out there, we see no real concept behind them very rare. Our focus while constructing the project was to build a strong concept around the experience of our customers that's why our slogan is, Live the Experience

The Vision

Our Vision to build a strong franchise brand that deliver the real experience of our concept to the customers.

The Concept

Our concept circle around the good mood, amazing food, variety of activities and most important the horoscopes. how can we make the customer enjoy their time to the fullest? was the question that we built our brand on as it is today.

Horoscope Before the Rebuild

Live with us the moments where we was building and constructing the brand.

Horoscope Now!

First branch 2 floors filed with love and hard-work to transform your time to a blessing one.

Behind our Success

Every business bring fruit result with the strong team supporting it

Meet our
Passionate Team

Selecting our team members is extremely difficult process, the interaction point where the customer sense the right vibes of the team is what we alway looking for while selecting horoscope members.

Meet Our
Devoted Owners

Creating what we love and devoting our time and effort to this business, is an amazing bless, we always strive to bring this farther with our 2nd branch.